If only these pots could talk……

Meg's pots
If only these pots could talk………….. Gastronomeg has part of her Le Cruset collection prominately displayed on her kitchen cabinet in her new farmhouse kitchen in Vermont.  She refers to them as heirlooms and said that they would most likely not go to her children, as they would have to clutch them out of her dying hands, but instead willed to the grandchildren.  My first enamel cast iron pan, actually a sauce pan I found at a second hand store was a Danish version, bright lemon yellow with the enamel chipping a tiny bit.  At the time I was working as a sous chef in Seattle and had little money for the real thing.  I was thrilled with my find and used it until I could replace it with 2 round red Le Cruset ovens.  Both my ovens were purchased at Broadway Panhandler back in the day when they had a big summer sale at the store in Soho.  With live music, hot dogs and foodies lined up at the door, I shared many a recipe and cooking story while waiting
in line to get past the bouncer.  Ah, those were the days.  My next pot will be an oval oven for leg of lamb.

christine's graduation

The new colors are knock-outs, lime green, mustard yellow and Caribbean blue.  My niece loves her new Caribbean round oven I gave her for college graduation.  She spent the last couple of years studying abroad in Spain and Mexico, absorbing the culture, art, food and dance.  The pot will be perfect for the traditional Mexican dishes she loves to cook.Elena's shower
My friends daughter received a lime green Le Cruset  from her godmother at her bridal shower this weekend.  Another generation, hopefully cooking will be around another hundred years or these le cruset pots will just become small sculptures on the kitchen shelves.


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