Sculpture Garden

This weekend I headed up to Hudson to see my friend Douglas Culhane’s sculptures at John Davis Gallery on Warren Street. The Gallery has a shell of an old carriage house in back of the gallery building.   Open in the warm months, the carriage house faces the gallery with a garden in between for sculpture exhibits.  I love climbing the narrow staircase from floor to floor investigating the small rooms filled with paintings, sculpture andimg 2516 installations.  Doug’s sculptures were at home in this space with a wood fence and gravel yard.  This work reminds me of old machines given a new life, parts coming together to create a function that has not quite revealed itself.  They also reference carts and wheelbarrels, objects that are meant to ease the transport of other objects.  Teter-tottering between playful and sinister, the forms are scaled for human interaction.  Several pieces such as Wain and Hook-Cage Steel, are set within a rectangle which contain and constrain the

Hook-Cage Steelelements inside.  These pieces are suggestive of the drawing process, possessing the lyrical quality of contour lines.   Fran Shalom is showing upstairs and many other artists in the carriage house, check out the website.

When you’re done gallery hopping in Hudson stop by the p.m. wine bar on lower Warren Street.  They have a great selection of wines with a focus on Spain, tapas and a piano for performing.  The storefront’s  design is reminiscent of “old hudson” with some quirky touches.  PM now has a full bar and the very best white sangria I’ve had yet this summer!


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  1. A perfect world, Doug, Carla (ita), images and food. Thank you Carla

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