To quote George Harrison “All things must pass” and so will Gourmet magazine after 68 years of publication.  The “foodie world” has been holding wakes on and off line and wondering what is the future of food journalism.   Surely the emergence of the food network and online food blogs have been stiff competition.  Many years ago as a young sous chef I would pick up back issues of Gourmet for a dollar in a used bookstore for inspiration.  I still have my Saveur and occasionally pick up Art of Eating and will have to re-visit Food and Wine  once again.Collector's Editions

These are the things I will miss most about Gourmet:

–                 Great cover art – the last few years the cover design has become more minimal with gorgeous yummy close up photos of food, playing up texture and color with a stunning contrasting background, A+ for design

–                 Letter from the editor – I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from Ruth Reichl but I will miss her monthly observations and how she brought the fancy pants travel/gourmet magazine back down to earth.

–                 Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood – a couple of former art historian’s who landed the perfect job,  I’m so jealous of you two!

–                 Articles on current issues and politics of food – under Ruth Reichl, Gourmet started to offer articles about food politics.  Anyone who is a food or wine enthusiast knows the origins of food and how it’s grown is the key to great ingredients.

–                 Fantasy dinner party photo shoots-will someone please invite me to one of these shindigs!

–                 The Thanksgiving issue- includes several traditions along with a vegetarian option, they really cover all the bases.

–                 Good Living-Obsessions, recommendations of tools and stuff from various food peeps.

–                 The August harvest issue – coverage on different farms and coops.

–      The special collector’s issues on France and Italy – luckily I’ve saved a few…….

I love this table!

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