David dear DAVID…..In love and friendship

The 2009 calendar year is almost over but the vinartculture calendar marches on.  For those of you lucky enough to have the original 2009 collector’s calendar stay tuned on the blog as it morphs into 2010, in some form.  Currently it is in collaboration with artist David Dunlap.  David is a friend, artist, teacher, collaborator, performance artist and walnut farmer among other things.  The best way I can describe the genius of David Dunlap is as one big power strip, the original facebook.  His art is all about connections and connecting, people, ideas, emotions, day by day, moment to moment.  Currently he has an installation at the Cue Foundation in Chelsea, which runs through January 9, 2010.  David’s art is all about the cumulative moments of life expressed through daily drawings, observations, text and objects, how they connect and bridge human connections and ideas.  I was lucky enough to witness a Dunlap installation when I showed up to help the last couple hours before the opening.  Everyone was frantic as his installations are many, many pieces, which fit together into a towering whole lifetime of complex, intelligent, wacky, profound reverie.  I wondered how this all was going to pull together by the opening at 6:00.   David was so calm and collected, greeted me with his impish grin, excited to see an old friend and basking in the process.   We pulled things together at 6:15, the opening was at 6, David enjoying every second of it…… as David would say, this is never finished….

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