Signs of Spring – Armory Show 2014


The Big Apple has been especially frosty this winter.  Transitioning from winter to spring culminates at the Armory shows in NYC at pier 91, 92nd and the Park Ave Armory every year late February and early March.   The Armory show in New York City is the oldest of the art fairs that now happen around the globe and increasingly look like the future of the art world.  For Galleries it is a high powered magnet to attract collectors from every corner of the world in one big art mall for the weekend.   If that were not enough visual intake, there are plenty of small alternative fairs scattered around the city.  This year I went with artist friend Melanie Kozol.  Admission charge has tripled over the years and luckily the people watching and overview of the global art market make it worthwhile………but where’s our free champagne!      

Here are a few pictures from the piers…


Elizabeth Neel

Lots of abstraction, color and raw canvas…..


Mary Heilman

Mary Heilman spreads some happiness!


Thomas Raat

Dutch artist Thomas Ratt’s series “An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth and More…” takes it’s inspiration from non-fiction bookcovers from the 1940s to early 70s dealing with avant garde ideas….


Edmund de Waal

Morandi meets Agnes Martin in 3-D, Edmund de Waal really made a splash this year!

My favorite new discovery is an Aussie artist, Julian Martin, at Philadelphia Gallery Fleisher Ollman.  Playful, quirky pastel drawings ala Klee and Nozkowski…..


Julian Martin

I even ran into a couple of old buddies!


Fairfield Porter


Juan Usle



Armory Show 2014

Armory Show 2014

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